“Sound Of Silence”

It was about to rain heavily. It was really dark. Silence prevailed. Now and then the sound of thunder removed the silence. But soon the silence returned to engulf the sound of thunder.
Only sound could be heard, was the sweeping sound of leaves underneath the sky.
He was dying of fever. He was all alone. He was looking for a shelter just to spend the night. And to his surprise, he found an old motel. Most surprisingly, it looked like a creepy haunted place from outside, but from inside it was a proper roadside motel. There were two old people inside. Most probably they were the caretakers of that motel.
He was well looked after. They treated him as their own son. It was raining outside, while they were having an interesting conversation about our new government.
Now it was time for him to leave.
They provided him with an umbrella. He bid them bye and the old couple did so.
He received a black rose from them. According to him, the creepy old man had plucked it from their garden to gift him.
The next day I was dying of fever, when I heard he went to return the umbrella, and he saw there a building under construction.
I googled about black rose –
“Showing results for black rose — found only in Turkey”

I was silent. I could think no more. Silence prevailed. The sound of silence was common to us both…


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