“The Darker Side of Life”

Life is nothing but a trouble maker. It pains me to think of the past.
His sufferings, his sadness.
He had been existing in this world for about 16 years and this May, he would have turned 17. 16 years ago, I believe, he was somewhere floating in a luxurious spa with central heating and room service.
He had suffered life in his life span of 16 years. He had lived life, but the other way round. He was never happy. Simple matters frustrated him.
He lived, he loved, he hated, he fell, he rose, he fell again, he rose again.
He talked of life after death. He wanted to live death. He wanted to see, how life was after death.
Now he’s gone. He is no more. He freed himself of all his responsibilities. This time he could not rise. He was tired. He has gone for some rest.

I wish life was a computer program. A single syntax error, and restarting the program would have been possible. I wish life was an mp3 player. I wish life had a fast forward button, a rewind button, a pause button, a play button and lastly a stop button…

…Fast forward to this moment, I believe, he is enjoying life after death.


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