What is cricket?
No, I am not talking about that, tiny yet disgusting creature, whose cry, pierces even the deepest of slumbers.
Yeah, I’m talking about the other one.
Cricket is not about a ball, a bat and three stumps, and yeah, not to forget bails.
It is not about 22 trained players. It is not about that triangle shape made by the batsman and 2 umpires, right angled at the batsman. It is not about a stadium, filled with spectators.
It is not only a game.
It is a religion.
It is a faith.
It is a passion.
It is a love.

Obviously, there is a result declared at the end of a game of cricket. A win, a loss or a tie. But it is not only about a win, loss or a tie.
There is everything in a cricket match.
Emotions, drama, action, performance, luck, wishes, hopes, laughters, tears, injuries, tributes, records and obviously hard work.
Everything confined in that 22 yard pitch.
No one can actually express his or her love for cricket. If it was possible, then I would have been one of them.


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