James was working in his room and was having a cup of tea.
“If he was the kidnapper, then who is this? “, he wondered.
He was still busy with his previous case, making a flow chart. Suddenly the telephone rang. He was not willing to talk to anybody at that moment. While he was deciding whether to pick up or not, it stopped ringing.
“Okay, that’s nice”, he said to himself. The telephone interrupted again. He received the call. “Hello, who is this?” he asked but no reply from the other end…
He angrily disconnected the call. It was for the 3rd time, the telephone rang, while his mind had already started abusing the caller.
He picked up and asked in a rude tone,”may I know, who is this?”.

“Hello, may I speak to Mr.James?”

“Yes, james speaking, who are you?”

“I think it is not at all necessary to know about me, instead i want to tell you that a lady has been murdered in the Waverly tower .”

James was all set…
His new case. He was ready. He arrived to the tower the next day. It was a beautiful place. It was a round tower, pink colored. It was a 3 tiered structure. A beautiful spot for a summer holiday. Garden all around.
He walked up the spiral stairs and heard a cry. He put down his cigar. The body was lying on the bed, second floor. There were 3 people crying , sitting beside the bed.
One of them was the cook, the other one was the maid, and final one was the gardener.
He interrogated. He found no clue. Totally clueless he was. His prime suspect was the maid, as the maid spent all her time serving the lady. The cook was always in the kitchen. The gardener in the garden.

This was his best case ever. he solved it only in 2 days. He returned to his hotel. He was again preparing a flow chart.
By that time, he had already prepared his trap, but even he could not recognize it.
He went back in time, he thought about the interrogation.
then it was all clear to him. He found the murderer.
He had asked the gardener,” what were you doing when the killer was doing her job?”
Gardener had said, ” I was obviously in the garden! But sir, how do you know, the killer was a woman? ”
James had answered,”experience ” …

Co incidentally, the cook and the maid, both were females.
james had asked the maid the same question.
The maid had answered, “I was cleaning the corners of the room with this broom when madam was sleeping “.

“Did you go near your mistress ?”

The maid casually said, “yes”

James asked, ” your mistress was sleeping, so why did you go near her?”

The maid answered. It was her biggest mistake. She did not know, she was going to be bombed. Oblivious to everything, she answered,” madam was sleeping so I pulled the blanket up to her shoulders! ”

James declared, “you are the killer!!!”.
He did not even go to the cook. Case solved.

A crackle of sheets was heard. The flow chart of this case…

…a beautiful spot for a summer holiday and the mistress was sleeping with a blanket?

…waverly tower, a round tower, spiral stairs, and the maid was cleaning the corners of the room?


5 thoughts on ““Flowchart””

  1. This is a sweet short story….but James should reach the place of murder immediately after he heard the news….more info needed about the flowchart…. Caller should be identified at least at the end…. The conclusion was impressive…keep doing good

    Liked by 1 person

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