Disclaimer: Views expressed in the following blog post aren’t intended to upset any individual or group. The following is a work of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to anything beyond the post could be very much, a coincidence.
Born on 2nd october 1869, as a result of a great mistake of his parents. Called the greatest leader of modern India. Addressed as a saint and a moral revolutionary— all shit.
Saint? Like seriously? Molested girls of 15-16.
Mahatma? A great soul?
A big lie. Why was he called Mahatma? Just because he fought for his country? There were others too, who fought a hell lot more than him. Why weren’t they called mahatmas?
And sorry. For he was not a fighter but a great opportunist. “Fight for truth” was his slogan. His ideals were moulded by a great assertive nationalist, Tilak, though he regarded Gokhale as his political guru. Now, did he fight for truth? If he did so, he would have regarded Tilak as his guru. He was’t a man of words.
Why was kicked out of hotels and trains? Just to increase our history syllabus? Every kick, added to our syllabus. Most importantly, if he was a great nationalist, why did he go to South Africa to work as a lawyer of a firm? Coward, defines him best. He wanted a gifted victory whereas Subhash Chandra Bose actually fought for the nation. Ultimately, Bose became the forgotten hero and he became the father of the nation. Father of the nation? Hypocrisy has its heights…


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