“3 A.M.”

Disclaimer: If this post makes the reader uncomfortable, it is exactly the point of the post.

A cool breeze blew, making a whistling sound through the leaves. The sky was black. Jet black. I was sleeping. Dreaming of something.
At that instance, my soul wasn’t trapped in my body. I was present there only physically, for my soul was out of presence. In simpler words, I was half dead.
Something happened. I felt something. By the time I realized it, it was all over. I found myself lying on my bed, lying in an improper posture.
I glanced at the clock. It struck 3.
Yes, it was 3 A.M. again. Goosebumps on my limbs. I was chilled. Chilled to the marrow. The situation made my body numb. I looked for my parents. I was happy to find them in their room, but the happiness was short lived. Some uncommon sounds made themselves audible. Cries.
I could not figure anything out. The language was very much unknown to me. A door creaked open. I was in a serious fix. I had always dreamt to become a hero, a savior. But at that moment, “Dash it” were the two words which played in a loop in my mind. Somehow I managed to escape from there.
A little later, I experienced something which is vague. My eyes saw something horrifying. Cant be described through words…

…that night still haunts me. I have been through hell. Voodoo, supernatural things, some real creepy stuff. Even now, I often find myself in that posture in the morning. That feeling has not left yet. I believe, something still sleeps beside me, while my soul wanders about.


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