Life is strange. Really strange. From our very first breath to the last breath, we come across many things, incidents and people. Life teaches us to survive. We come across many people. We get to know them, we get close to many of them. Very close indeed.
But, it really hurts to see them change. Change very fast. In my life I have experienced the same. There are many people, whom we are very close to. But when these acquaintances of ours change, we really find it difficult to manage. The change in their attitude towards us, their behavior, their friendliness. It is a herculean task to move on. Actually, they do not feel the change, or if they do, it is very normal with them. Instances come, when we are bound to keep calm and overlook the fact. It actually pisses us off. That four-letter word ooze out spontaneously. Finally we become redundant. Ultimately we are bound to wear a smile on our faces. I have been through these in my recent past. Although I have moved on, sometimes my tallest finger finds its way outside. I have lived, I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve hurt, I’ve trusted, I’ve made mistakes, but most important of all, I have learnt…


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