“Life mournful”

From the battle of plassey, To the inhumane acts, From the social evils, to the British tacts.
From the Union Parliament, To the state judiciary;
We all are bound to learn these stuff in a hurry.

From keeping our cells off, To practicing maths;
We are full of doubts, in calculating VATs.

To the last chapter of geography, From the Topographical map,
We study the shit out,
To get some marks, almost equal to serious crap.

From the Periodic Table, To the last chemical equation,
Learn all these by heart,
But first, remove your frustration.

Biology states, the fundamental unit of life is the cell;
After learning everything,
The terminology is still not done well.

From the Mechanical Advantages, To the Thermionic Emissions;
Physics is, but full of assumptions.

From the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, To the Princess September;
We tend to forget everything, yet we are bound to remember.

Almost everyone works hard,
Experiences the hardships of the life of a student,
Still we are not privileged enough to live a good life,
As all around, there is the worst enemy of Mankind,
Termed “Unemployment”.


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