“Indian Cinema”

Applying glycerine to the eyes. Violent, unruly scenes and the beeps being hurled almost at every instant are a few of the factors leading to the growing pain in the ass. Indian Cinema. Well, these stuff insult the intelligence of the viewers. The regular multitude in front of the idiot box. To be very honest, I really feel sad for those who have nothing to do in life, except just to sit in front of the box and laugh their hearts out even when no joke is cracked. To quote my friend, “Degradation of species is not in our hands”. And it has been rightly said and I can relate to it well. Indian cinema has nothing intellectually stimulating and has contributed almost nothing except the background musics to the mega serials which are even more disastrous, even more painful. A man, with no supernatural powers, fights against a thousand people alone in a film! Call the Justice League, maybe. A thousand people? Are you kidding me?


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