“Memories Already”

I was flying in the sky with the clouds as my terrain. All of a sudden, a creaking sound made the gravity work at its best, and the earth pulled me towards itself. Thank god, I was dreaming. Well, I was lying on the bed, underneath a ceiling fan, which was making the creaking sound, which sometimes leads to a condition of not being able to sleep, which is termed as “Insomnia” in English language, which is also my favorite language, as it comes from England, which is my favorite place, the place of my dreams. Ironical much.
It was the last working day in my school, The Calcutta Boys’ School, before our boards. I had to dress up in a hurry and rush to the school. We enjoyed hard, but at the end of the day, sobs could be heard all around. The last working day also had come to an end. It seemed like, eleven years of friendship had come to an end. Pupils dilated.
This institution has given me a lot. In fact, this is the place where I belong. But life has its own ways. It takes back everything. This day had to come. The inevitable.
I would always remember the lessons taught. I would always remember the music classes, the verses from the bible, the divine chapel services, the art classes, those silly sketches, the priceless advices, the computer classes, the beginners’ all-purpose symbolic instruction code programs, the batting partnerships, the quarrels over economy rates. I would always remember the snacks after school, the soda pub at the Moulali crossing, the treats at the sweet shop, the long stay-backs after school, for sighting a bullet. These are engraved on the frailest part of my heart.
Well, it is a sad truth of life, that nothing lasts forever, except nothing. It really breaks my heart, when a thought or rather a painful thought arises, that, maybe, we will never have the fortune of meeting again. But life has its own ways. It has to move on. Memories already. Memories to cherish forever …


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