“Bliss incomplete”

A cool breeze blew with its way through my shaggy hair. The twigs were swaying to and fro. It was getting dark. The dark grey tinge to the sky rendered a mesmerizing look. Rain.
Maybe, the raingod looked down upon us with pity. It was after about two months of dry and hot weather, I was lucky enough to experience the bliss of getting myself wet under that flamboyant shower. The raindrops were making ripples of varying sizes on the sheet of stagnant water present in the brook. The smell of wet earth was something I was longing for. Nostrils dilated, to make way for that smell of wet earth go deep into the body. A feeling of freshness prevailed. This was in demand for immemorial centuries whereas I was only of seven and ten. Irony of life. Anyone would expect or long for someone very close to him or her to be with, to witness the lovely atmosphere. Yes, I was hit by the hazardous, yet heavenly feeling.
I was expecting that someone, or rather, I was longing for that someone.
I was missing that person really hard. I was through a feeling of incompleteness. My vision was fixed at the beautiful moon. I wanted to go towards it. I wanted to smell the moon, kiss the moon. But sadly, it was way too far from me. How much more sadistic, fiendish, ruthless, life could be?


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