“Dead Immortal”

Her sight renders a soothing effect to my eyes.
Her touch gives a chilling effect to my physique.
Her smell provides a nice effect to my nose.
Basically, she makes me strong, unstoppable…
Excites my desires.
I try hard to hide my excitement but it oozes out spontaneously but don’t think I am talking about oogenesis because I am not a girl, but a boy. Every vision, every thought, every conception indicates their way to an impossible inference.
A hundred sleepless nights have I spent, and many more to come, by god’s grace.
Neither does it let me die, nor am I able to live.
Is it really magic?
No it couldn’t be. Or it might.
How every smile, every talk, brings us closer, and makes us witness the heavenly feeling, which ultimately is short lived, because the hard instances I spend without her company, takes me back to the immemorial centuries of the past where everything was, as it should have been.
Murdered am I…
Murdered by her kindness, love, grace, and the qualities she possesses, which aren’t possible to be expressed verbally…
Am I living?
Or am I down?
Those thoughts, still make me frown.
Those thoughts still freak me out.
Am I the dead immortal?
I really doubt…


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