“A Tiny Tale”

It was a dark and a silent night. The atmosphere was brilliant with a cool wind blowing continually. The sudden rain added to the bliss. A light shower. The incessant raindrops were making ripples of varying sizes on the sheets of water present in every possible depression on the ground.

He was a man now. Not responsible though. He was busy checking out his collection of video games probably on several compact discs. He has been collecting these objects since his childhood. He glanced at the freezer and took out some salted eatables to have with his drink, which he had made for himself. Salted, because, one does not get high on drinks quickly, if served with salted stuff.

He had almost forgotten about his past. The previous chapter of his life was almost faded. The most interesting chapter of anyone’s life, the chapter of love, which in some cases, ends like a fairy tale, and the others, a bit open-ended and incomplete. His was the latter. No matter how much irresponsible one is, one just cannot resist himself or herself thinking about their soul mates, even if they aren’t together anymore.

The rain, outside, seemed to have stopped pouring. Stars, undoubtedly, cannot shine without darkness, but the fact is also accepted that the darkness of the night, sometimes makes people poignant, when lonely. He was done with his drink and now, he was going out for his supper. Maybe, he would have returned home with joyaunce. But what followed, was definitely painful, devoured his bliss. Made him feel guilty. Made him regret.
He was on his nightly errand, when the nature bestowed rain, on the earth, again. He was bound to take shelter under a small shed of a tea shop temporarily. The radio was on. How ironically, some old songs playing on the radio brought a priceless smile on his face, even when his i-pod was full of songs of his own choice. He was humming with the radio accompanying, but only till he viewed a character. An old character. From the pages of the beautiful chapter, a joyful phase of his life, his story of love, which was no more beautiful and these pages turned themselves open, after about one score years.

They both looked at each other. They did not talk verbally, but the eye contact and the tears rolling down the two pairs of cheeks, said much. He thought, if he had apologized that night, twenty years ago, they would have been together now. She thought, if she had not been rude to him that night…
And somewhere between he thought and she thought, they became strangers.

A white car appeared and she got into it sobbing and disappeared. He kept on standing. He kept on wondering. The radio continued to play…


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