“Isn’t it?”

Many claim, this life to be virtual, to be false.
Maybe it actually is.
Or maybe what’s after that is false.
Maybe there is nothing beyond life.
The condition of being alive, the existence of an entity, or vitality and energy- these are certainly not the definitions of life.
It’s an indefinite situation, or happening.
It’s not a belief,
Nor is it science.
It defies everything.
Suffering or enjoying are not the only things.
There is more to it, which is vague.
And then there is Death.
Feared by all.
Which possesses an unavoidable aura.
Unbeatable. Inevitable.
A feeling of sadness arrives.
How time destroys everything, crossing the borderland of this existence, and travelling into the other existence, meeting death, face to face.
Deepest slumber. The eternal sleep.
But what lies beyond death is again indefinite.
Different faiths, different beliefs.
Maybe that place is beautiful.
Or maybe it is a nightmare.
Death is paradoxically, a part of life.
Some embrace death intentionally, maybe because it appeals to them, it beckons them there, in that another world.
Death is not something negative but the way it does its work, leaves behind a negative impression.
We abuse death, curse it many a times, just like that.
It is feared by all, but there is no reason to it.
It is life what troubles.
It is life what kills.
It is life what ends…
Isn’t it?


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