“Lost Love”

Not everyone in this world is fortunate enough to have parents. They bring us up. They prepare us to face the big bad world. But happy times with them continue,  only till we are obedient to them. Things start going wrong the moment we start raising our voice. It’s human nature that when the need ends, our loyalty towards people ends. Most of the youth start hiding things from their parents. And nowadays, this is the age of technology. We are advanced. Parents know we are advanced but their orthodox attitude is really painful. They are well aware of the growth and maturity of their wards but they pretend as though they are oblivious. And this is exactly what leads to serious problems among us, the youth, or rather, the suppressed youth.

Every parent wants their child to live happily, to prosper, to enjoy life. But what those two adolescent kids wanted was something unusual. It was something different. A boy and a girl. The best of friends. They fell for each other.
Love was unconditional. It crossed every limit. They set an example of what love is. They took it to another level. Maybe that is how it’s ought to be. But it was only until almighty interfered. Things were going wrong. One day, the girl’s parents came to know about them, the relationship they were into. They did not think the boy to be suitable for her. They thought he would never keep her happy. Little did they know where lay her happiness.
No matter how much they tried separating them, they could not. But nature has it’s own ways. They were separated. Only physically, for mental separation needed time. Things between them remained incomplete. The boy was never found after that. The girl was married to a prosperous young man.
Maybe their fault was they loved each other. Maybe there nothing exists called, “God”.
Or maybe love is just a vocabulary. Love does not win always.

A decade passed by. Almost everyone had the boy’s name erased from their minds. And the girl did not even think that maybe, the boy would be alive.
One night, in the streets of illuminated Kolkata, during the Pujas, the married couple went out for dinner. Suddenly the wife fixed her eyes on something. Her pupils dilated, as well as diluted.
Husband stated, “a lunatic in the streets of Kolkata, is nothing amazing!”.
Wife added, “it’s definitely not amazing, but saddening.”.
An exchange of dialogues took place.
“Let us go now, he is a mad guy.”
“He wasn’t like this. He was made to be like this, situations made him to be lunatic.”
“Do you, anyhow, know him, darling?”
A thousand memories of the happy, as well as, the sad past flashed through her mind. But she just smiled, and said, “I used to…”


2 thoughts on ““Lost Love””

  1. I really liked the way in which u brought up this topic 🙂 though am not a freelance writer but still will rate your exce-excellent piece of work 10 on 10 😀 and the fact is that u write well 🙂


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