God sent friends.
It all starts, either from sharing tiffin, or some petty quarrels. Then there is a little of stalking from both the sides. And then interaction takes place. Those introductions are indeed hilarious. Those pings on social networking sites. The initial “Hi”s and “Hello”s.
Very soon, seeds of friendship are sown, and they reach heights. Set examples. And the roots, reach the deepest part of the hearts.
Their tastes are alike, and so are their deeds. One actually knows the other, more than one knows oneself.
But here’s to the sadistic part of it.

When those rowdy, gang members drift apart.
Misunderstandings do the main villainy.
Presently, many of us are members of similar gangs. Maybe, we will keep in touch for ever. Or maybe we will not. Maybe, we will drift apart tomorrow.
Someone might die of cancer tomorrow.
Or someone might meet an accident tomorrow.
Maybe, we will not share tiffins anymore.
Maybe, we will not stalk others.
Maybe, we will not crack those dirtiest of jokes in the company of the other.
Maybe, those late night conversations will never take place again.
Maybe, the use of emoticons on Facebook and WhatsApp will stop forever.
Maybe, we will not criticize other gangs.
Maybe, we will never talk of personal crushes.
Maybe, we will never even get to see the very faces we are fond of.
Maybe, we will never smile.

Years from now, none will know anyone’s whereabouts.
Maybe, we will prosper in our lives and live with our families and spend time with future friends. But someday, anyone will hear, one has left. One of us has departed for the eternal sleep.
We will feel guilty. We will feel the pain. We will want to see that face for the last time. But life has its own ways.
Bitch, anytime might turn grey.
Years from now, when our children will come across our old photo albums, they will inquire about who these people were. And our hearts will be moved, to the darkest of corners. And we will smile, with invisible tears, and say, “These were the people, your dad spent the most beautiful phase of his life with”.

Keep loving. Keep chatting.
Keep creating memories, to cry with a smile on, after years from now.
To laugh over.
Because life is very much uncertain.
We will never know which night will be the darkest of all, which chat will be, the last of all.


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