“Growing Old”

Here’s to an end of my childhood,
Here’s to an end of my innocence,
I am growing old,
Yes, I am indeed growing old.

Neither did life inform me,
Nor did it keep me unaware,
Of me, growing old.
Yes, I am indeed growing old.

Initially, it was all new,
It asked me about itself,
I said, “Yes, you have really changed”
I realised life has really changed.
A change for good?
Or a change for bad?
Somewhere in between these two,
I found, I am not prepared.

When the most called number,
Is no longer a contact,
When alarm does the work,
And not someone’s call,
When you don’t think twice,
What’s for dinner,
When eating at home,
Replaces “Let’s go out”,
When there is a nostalgic feeling,
About the lanes outside the school gate,
When a search for healthy eatables,
Replaces tasty ones,
When home is really sweeter,
Than taking a vacation,
When our own bed finds us bliss,
More than sleepovers,
When crayons bring us a smile,
More than likes on Facebook,
When a nap is more wanted,
Than late night chats,
When smartphones stay away for long,
When biological terms,
Do not excite us,
When relationships matter,
More than anything on YouTube,
When those crushes,
Become mere fantasies,
When the most missed acquaintances,
Say “Hi”, once in a month or so,
When life becomes more sensible,
Worth living,
For, and by own selves,
I realise, I have grown old.
I have grown old, my boy,
I am a Man now.


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