“26 Dec ’14”

I don’t know, why you fell for me,
As I know there is nothing about me.
I’m an obnoxious being, a pervert I know,
Because I don’t believe in that outward show.
I’m so rude everytime, Everyone hates me.
So, I don’t know why you fell for me.
I don’t love my self.
I really, really hate my self.
Stay away,
Or you may hurt yourself.

Something to share, there is,
That I am frustrated with life,
I can live no more,
No more can I bear this strife.
But under all rudeness, and madness,
Something in my heart, there is, for you,
All this while, I was unaware of the fact,
That it is my love for you,
It is my love for you.

In this love, I believed not,
But I tried hard, and changed myself a lot.
I want to see a happier you,
And it is only because, I love you.

I did never mind of your past,
And it’s better, we forget that fast.
Please never leave me,
For if you do, I’ll be no more, I’ll be shattered

I love you, and you love me too.
But, if you ever leave me,
I’ll think it was all a dream, a lie,
You did never love me.
I’ll think it was all a dream, a lie,
You, actually, never fell for me.


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