“The bright darkness.
The deafening silence.
The very frowns.
The raised eyebrows.
The tearful eyes.
The black marks under.
The wrinkles.
The old, yet painful scars.
The dry lips.
The hungry teeth.
The dreams in the eyes.
The undying pain in the heart.
The fire in the mind.
The impossible hopes.
The fiendish smirks.
The diplomatic situations.
The very insults.
The very wounds.
The transformation over the years.
The insensitive jokes.
The bad world.
The numbness around.
The fake promises.
The wet pillows.
The awful cries.
The temporary contacts.
The harmful masks.
The spurious almighty.
The innocent heart.
The habit of death.
The want to live”

“Who are you?”, he waited for the reply, within the secluded place.
However, he marred the reflector.


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