“Why Dream?”

And these rails are the best companions.
They know every little secret. This sky knows everything about me.
They never betray.
They never hurt me.
This place.
I wish I could live here forever.
I wish I had a small cottage, here.
I wish you were here with me.
I wish there were no problems, in my life.
In fact, I wish I could say, “Problem? What’s that?”
I wish I could stay a kid, forever.
If growing young were possible.
These moon-lit nights.
This season.
This atmosphere.
Heavenly feels.
These grasshoppers.
These little, little life forms.
The dew on the grass.
Mother nature.

But let it be.
Dreams are dreams.
Why dream?
Why dream big?
Dreams do not come true.
Dreams are dreams.
When night falls, we dream.
When we leave our bodies, we dream.
Why dream?
What’s the gain?
They won’t come true.
They’ll not be there with you.
They’ll fade away.
With time.
And leave you unsatisfied.
They’ll leave you unsatisfied, for life.
They’ll betray.


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