They’ve been there.
They’ve been there with me.
Ever since my birth.
Ever since my first cry.
Ever since my first giggle.
Ever since my first pain. 
They’ve been by me,
Ever since I started crawling.
Ever since I stood on my feet,
And started walking.
They’ve been there for me,
For untold number of days,
For a myriad nights,
With absolutely no sleep,
To let me sleep, peacefully.
Without a tension, without any problem.
They’ve been there.
And they will, I know.
They’ve tried to make me content.
They’ve tried to satisfy my needs and wants.
They’ve tried to feed me the healthiest of foods,
While remaining hungry, themselves,
While starving their own stomachs,
As if they did never feel hungry,
As if it was all fine.
They’ve taken me to various trips,
Bought me innumerable toys.
Admitted me to one of the best schools.
Spent hours to make me prepared, for various assessments.
Hired the best private teachers,
Paid them as much they demanded,
Without worrying about how the next fifteen days of the month are going to pass.
Without buying anything for themselves,
Without caring for their own health,
They’ve raised me.
They’ve raised me, like a prince is raised.
They’ve just kept aside their wishes.
They’ve wasted the most precious, most lively, most joyful period of their life, just for me,
So that I could be happy,
So that I had no complaints,

But am I worth their time?
Am I worth this much care?
Will I be able to give them back, at least something, in order to raise the corners of their lips?
Will I be able to do something that will wipe off those invisible tears on their pale faces?

Never. Never will I be able to make them happy.
I have seen them struggling,
Struggling, to give me what they never had,
I have seen them crying, under those synthetic smiles.
I have heard them sobbing, very carefully letting the tears roll down,
So that, I would not wake up,
And when I asked them, what happened, how flamboyantly they shrouded me with innocent lies.
A few more years, and they’ll be gone.
And leave me behind.
They’ll leave me staring at their pictures and crying and wanting them back to life, to stay there by my side, always.
How shameful it is, for me,
That I never ever had a reason to hug you both.
Maa, baba,
I love you both.
Maybe this isn’t enough.
But I will love you both, always.


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