“Yes, Kolkata It Is”

Of the traffic on the Howrah bridge,
Of the young adults at Victoria Memorial,
Of those nail-biting finishes at the Eden Gardens,
Of those Badam Bhajas and horse rides in the Maidan,
Of those historical objects in the Indian museum,
Of the palatial mansion, Marble Palace,
Of the visits to the Alipore Zoo in winter,
Of the presentation in the Birla Planetarium,
Of the architecture of the High Court,
Of the celebrations at Jorashanko Thakurbari,
Of the largest mosque, Nakhoda Masjid,
Of the visits to Birla Mandir,
Of the long stretches, at the Royal Golf Club,
Of the long walks, along the banks of Princep Ghat,
Of Hind Cinema, and not Hind Inox,
Of a myriad books at College Street, and not Crossword,
Of New Market, and not Quest Mall.
Of the studio paras in tollygunge,
And the several haunted houses of the North.

Yes, Kolkata it is.

Iftar parties of Eid,
Holy prayers of Christmas,
Oshtomis and kali potkas of Pujas,
Of mutton curry and rice for Sunday lunch,
Of the Roshogollas and Mishti doi after meals,
Of kite flying competitions in the afternoons,
Of Alur Chop, and Beguni during monsoons, and oh, not to forget Knacha Lonkas.
Of the largest fish market at Manicktala,
Of the trendy glasses at choshma goli,
Of the gold shops at Bowbazar.
Of the Analytical Discussion of Daily Affairs or simply ADDAs, with a charminar cigarette and a cup of tea.
The roadside Puchkas and Churmurs,
The best of street foods,
The 5 Rupee lebu-cha and not expensive cups of coffee at CCD, or Barista,
The Telebhajas with Moori, and not chicken wings at KFC,
The rooti-ghughni, and not fancy sandwiches,
The illuminated, bridal looks of the city, during festive seasons,
The long hours of traffic on the congested roads,
The bus drivers in Ganjees and Lungis,
Yellow ambassador taxis and not OLA cabs,
The comfortable rides in the Trams,
The constant quarrels of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan,
The different communities of the world, present here,
The nap at afternoons,
The radios and not iPods,
The waterlogged streets,
The Dhoti-Punjabis and Sarees,
The most emotional, joyful and lively residents,

Yes, Kolkata it is.
Indeed the City of Joy.

But, that is something superficial, you see,
‘Cause there are some more unsmiling things to it.

Rapes go unnoticed,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Laws are amended by political activities,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
High ranked officials are in love with their badges,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Killings? Murders? Those are mere accidents.
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Cigarettes? Only guys.
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Alcohol? What the fuck? You are a girl,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Half pants and hot pants? It is summer only for men,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Sex? Shhhhhhhh, Tauba Tauba,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Ganesh Talkies Flyover Collapse? Ota chokranto.
Yes, Kolkata it is.
Park Street rape case? No bro, it’s Happy Street,
Yes, Kolkata it is.
No safety, but free WiFi,
Oh Yes bro, Kolkata it is.


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