“Shame Shame”

Source: Google images

Born distinct,

Born self reliant,

Born humane,

Born benevolent.

Yet, the mother wept,

The darned night the child was born on.

The father regretted,

Having the child.

The mother wept,

Felt insecure,

Felt embarrassed.

Her child was special,

She disagreed.

To her,

A curse it was,

That the child could not be called,

A male,

Or a female.

The child was unloved,

Was unfriended,

Was poked,

Was disrespected.

None understood,

The joy in the claps,

The desire to defy the stale intellect,

Of the society,

Of the esteemed society,

That looked down upon the child,

As if it were an accursed object,

A burden,


An alien.

Neither a ‘He’,

Nor a ‘She’,

Both a ‘He’,

And a ‘She’.

‘It’ was the pronoun,

Used for the child,

‘It’ was the pronoun,

Used by the society,

The feigned society,

Which objectified an innocent child.

The society had more to offer,

Offer a traffic signal,

An ocean of vehicles,

And some minted coins.


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