“Poetry Fails, Nowadays”

Source: Instagram, clicked by Avissruti Banerrji; Insta handle: tadpolaroid

I question myself,
At every night,
Around 2 AM.
Do I need anyone?
Do I want anyone?
Am I worthy of someone?
Is it possible,
For someone to feel for two,
At the same time?
Am I loyal?
Or, disloyal?
It’s like,
A bottomless pit,
I fall into,
Every night.
No conclusion,
No inference,
No answer.
I am confused,
No, not confused,
I am not confident,
Or, I am confident,
Of not being confident.
My heart,
My mind,
Defy each other,
Yet, each need the other,
Yet, I follow both,
And hence,
I end up nowhere,
In the middle of the night,
With no conclusion,
With no answer,
To any damn question.
I console my heart,
And, convince my mind,
That I can answer,
To each damn question,
Still, I find myself tied to the chains of thoughts and concepts,
That I am not worthy,
Of anyone.
Poetry fails to define my condition,
Poetry fails to lighten the load,
Poetry fails to relieve me, nowadays.
Poetry doesn’t help.


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