I’m falling down,
I’m falling down,
Falling fast,
Losing the crown,
Losing the honour,
Losing the valour,
I’m falling fast,
I’m falling down.

Losing her love,
Brittle her heart,
My words so wicked,
My words so tart.

Proud icons,
With gadgets and cars,
I stood a villain,
And deep ran scars.

Infinite stars,
In the night sky,
I’m falling down,
The world so high.

Falling from honour,
Falling from grace,
Heaven’s for heroes,
Hell has no place.

Sonorous badges,
Trophies and medals,
Lost everything,
Made of metals.

The world laughs at me,
So does my luck,
I am in a fix,
I am here, wretchedly stuck.

Heroes are loved,
They’re cool,
Unloved I am,
I am a fool.

Broken reflector,
Reflected much,
My dry smile,
For my fate such.

I was made to fall down,
I was made a villain,
And was robbed of my crown,
My profile had a stain.

My dry smile,
For my fate such,
Broken reflector,
Reflected much.
Also said,
The broken reflector,
I am a humble villain,
I am the Joker.


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