“Who’s To Be Shamed?”

The brutes had had their jobs done,
Gleam of satisfaction on their faces,
Shirts came down, and pants went up,
2 or 3 buttons out of buttonholes,
And low waist ripped jeans.
The branded dirty underwear peeped out,
To see what it contained, could do,
To see how brutal the roguery was
And there she laid exposed at the corner,
Lights were dimmed,
The windows were shut,
I was deafened by their cackles and laughter, which reverberated in the cloistered room.
My friend, she laid stripped at the corner,
With cigarette burns,
And belt marks all over.
She laid there with no one to help her,
With no one to accept her,
As chaste anymore.
I was still lying on the bed,
They did the same to me.
How complacent the night was,
That it was dawn again.
And when she died painfully,
Candles and placards followed.
I looked down the streets,
Where people carried the candles,
And I saw that those were the same category of people who say, “The girl is at fault”,
And put up statuses regarding feminism.
In an interview,
When it was being recorded,
I found that the lights on my face were dimmed.
Who was to be blamed? I?
Because I wore a short skirt?
I remember the pain,
I remember the pain,
The agony, the ordeal.
The uncircumcised dicks went inside me,
The powerful grasps on my breasts,
Made me feel like the flesh would burst out,
Leaving me distorted, and deformed.
They scratched and bit,
As if I were a delicious dish.
It went in and out,
In and out,
Continuously until they were satisfied,
Until their dicks drooped.
And now, after 7 years,
I am still alive,
To hear rubbish like it was an orgy, to hear, it was my fault, to hear, it was consensual.
I have a son now,
Who has oftentimes asked me about his dad,
And I have answered, “Not everyone has a dad”.
He will grow up soon,
And will leave me,
And condemn me, and throw abuses at me.
Nevertheless, he has had no father, but only a mother,
Who is a rape victim.
I am still alive,
To go out with my face covered.
I still question myself, ” Who’s to be shamed?”.
And the brutes?
Jailed, bribed and bailed,
Jailed, bribed and bailed.


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