“The Craving”

Idea courtesy: Himaghna Ribhu Maitra.
Translated from Bengali.
Bengali version by: Himaghna Ribhu Maitra.

I have always wanted to visit this place. I have always had this immense craving to see this place in its grotesque prettiness. Had heard about this spot a few times when I was young. But whenever I questioned about this place, not one was ever answered. Curiosities reached the pinnacle. What could I do?
Anyway, after so many years that I am here where I always wanted to be, it doesn’t feel the same like it used to. This place is boring in its murky vibrance, yet has an arcane draw. Furthermore, it’s so arctic here; damn, I am frozen. It’s so unsettling here, that I can’t even…
The person next to me has also left with his family. It’s a rule here, that they allow guests to leave only with their families. Silly and illegit! Family? I only have a son who is abroad. And I am in no way to be stuck here till he returns. And maybe, he is oblivious to my coordinates. Uggghhhhh…
These reckless brats have left my built on this numbing bed. I also catch cold, least do they care. “Truth is stranger than fiction”; might just get justified. Morgue is truly an abominable place.


Image source: Soumyadipta Kundu


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