“Mad. Not Mad”

Don’t know what happens to me sometimes,
I look at the wall,
Imagine things,
Imagine songs,
Not necessarily at the clichéd 2 AM or 3 AM,
But it just happens.
I get to see things,
Which never existed,
I get to see happenings,
Which will never happen.
I get to see myself rich,
And successful, and triumphant,
And the next slides I see,
Are saddening;
I see myself on the pavement,
Sleeping with pups beside,
And thunders overhead.
Don’t know what it is,
When I see I’m falling,
In my dreams and suddenly wake up with a start.
Don’t know what it is,
When I feel like I have done something,
Been to some place,
And things have gone exactly the same way,
It is going now, some time in the past,
But when I try to inspect,
I see no evidence of the episodes,
Which allegedly have taken place.
Don’t know why I think like an atheist,
Dismissing Gods, and religions,
But also, sometimes,
I pray and seek someone divine.
I don’t know who it is,
But it’s surely not the idols
Made of earth,
That you worship,
And beat drums,
And sacrifice cows, and goats,
And drink lots of wine,
And share cakes in his name.
I don’t know what it is,
I don’t know how it is.
It’s not true,
It’s also not false,
It’s not reality
It’s not fiction,
It’s not normal,
It’s not magical.
It’s something like an incongruity—
A life you die,
A death you live.

Image source: Google Images.


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