“Laugh Out Loud”

​If you were to ask me what I miss the most, the answer would undoubtedly be childhood. Isn’t it something that every heart misses? Not the best of things, because some of us were fat, some dumb, and some even dumber. I missed out on three more important points; the love for education, becoming a doctor or engineer, and love for family. 

Remembering the order in which the toys became family members and filled the closet; blissful, ain’t it? The walks holding the hands of the people who still care for you the most, on either sides, the rainy days and the raincoats with a stink of rubber and petrichor around. Now, that’s something.

What most people regret after growing up, is growing up. Because, people stop caring the way they used to. They believe, you’re mature now. But what they don’t realize is, concern and care must always have the back of maturity.

Now, if I were to answer what I miss the most, I would say, I miss the olden days. I miss talking, because I talk what I feel, and feelings is what most laugh at.

Most of us feel sorry for growing up gentle giants. I wonder how many times a day, the wordless walls are questioned, “Why do times change?”.

To quote someone, “Time is an illusion created by us”. And I see how calamitously true it is. We were innocent kids and then times changed. Now, we are filled with dark humour, guilt, insecurities and nothing more than crude sex jokes.

On the other hand, the clock has been ticking for centuries now, but people still get killed for not believing in a “Higher Power”, like time is ages behind.

Time is truly an illusion created by us. We are to times, what Jews were to Germans, and niggers were to Whites.

Going back to the start isn’t a solution, no matter how much the songs insist, because even if you go back to the start, I am afraid, you’ll be the same person with sin and discontent doubled.

It’s high time you realize what life is and what its ways are.

You come from a warm bag floating, look around to see happy faces, and go on looking around until you realize, you ain’t cute anymore and your looks don’t please the faces, and even your presence.

You realize what shit you’re in, during your teenage, get some pleasure temporarily, caressing body parts.

Then again you find out what shit you’re in, and by the time you realize how you could avoid this whole thing, your hair turns grey.

Your hair turns grey and you open the false set of teeth before going to bed, and lastly, you wake up the next morn, to see yourself sleeping, surrounded by mourners for your demise which you will have had the previous night in your sleep.

Now, Laugh Out Loud.


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