“Zones And Beyond”

I am a dream. You, are a dream. I am somewhere else doing better, in a different time zone. You are probably an orphan in another reality, thinking about how it’s like having parents. Or maybe, out there, I am getting drunk on a bottle of high priced alcohol and sharing the same cigarette with my newfound love, and not realizing how naively we add nails to our coffins. And you? Probably, you are getting ready for the second round of intercourse, with the stranger you are married to, because it didn’t feel like home in the first shot.

I have read about time, and travel through it, like it’s distance, and nothing has been more intriguing, trust me. I have watched some deep shit movies about it, and gotten mindfucked, but porno movies aren’t the same, you know? Maybe, somewhere else, I am thinking about you, and confessing how I kissed the girl who lives two blocks down, when you weren’t around. Or maybe, I am somewhere drugged, thinking about myself talking life and preaching about now, how I am talking about this very existence, this very moment.

You haven’t probably thought about it ever, have you? I guess not, because you’d need to inject elixir into yourself to think about the higher ground. I’d love to, inject that, you know? I am dying and losing the moment thinking about a thousand different moments. We ain’t ever going to die. It’s just the timer of life that buzzes to remind how we are needed in another zone and we have served in this reality well.

We don’t die. We travel to another zone, and then another, and it goes on, like your favorite song in a loop.

It’s just Time. Time is all we need to understand. Time, is all we require to comprehend what Time really is, or who it really is.


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