“Happy Place”

Clouds chafe against each other, sprinkles of water jump from them.Sparks of fire up above, reach the earth, racing through the air, burning down trees. Songs play in mind, with memories clinging to every lyric.  Unicorns of white run through the air, with battling clouds as their terrain, where rainbows grow and never end. Crayons in the mind, just like the songs, colour the views and moist the eyes.The mirror reflects your naked body with places of interest. You fail to realize, those are places of worship, pieces of art, those are. I am my happy place amidst the chaos of dame nature, surrounding me like the gases surround the nebulae. I am my happy place embosoming my own self,  amidst all the hubbub, like the lovers brace each other, before ruination that arrives, soaring high.They fly away, far away never thinking of an alibi they might ever need. Shutting my eyes I see magic, widening the eyes I see the same.Magic which speaks. Magic which sings. Magic which isn’t remotely close to being a farce. Magic which is real.

Image source: Instagram


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